– The four Australians killed in Syria’s civil war since August were fighting Assad forces and not providing humanitarian aid as claimed, according to the websites of jihadist groups.
Posts on online forums, including some linked with the al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, are clear indications that the men have been involved in the civil conflict, a leading US academic said.
Since Sydney teacher Sheikh Mustapha Al Majzoub was killed in a rocket attack last August, three other Australians, Roger Abbas, Yusuf Toprakkaya and Sammy Salma, have also been killed.
While Mr Toprakkaya is the only Australian confirmed as traveling to Syria to fight, the online forum posts claim all four had been fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
The details provided in the notices for each man vary, but the name, nationality, city of origin and city of “martyrdom” are listed.
Mr Toprakkaya was listed as having been shot dead while fighting with rebel groups against al-Assad forces near Maarat Numan.
Mr Salma was killed in Aleppo, the notices claim, but no information is given about how he died. His family say they were told he had been praying in a mosque that came under rocket attack.
Sheikh al Majzoub had reportedly been leading a rebel group that was hit by a rocket near Aleppo when he died, and Mr Abbas had been fighting for al-Nusra in the same city when he was killed, the notices claim.
Aaron Zelin, from the Washington Institute, researched martyrdom notices for an article published in the West Point Counter Terrorism Centre journal “The Sentinel”. He wrote that while the information should be considered anecdotal it was unlikely to have been fabricated.
AFP Deputy Commissioner of National Security Peter Drennan said there was no doubt some Australians were fighting with al-Nusra, which is set to be declared a prohibited organisation by the federal Attorney-General, although he said he considered the jihadist forums not to be authoritative sources.
He said that it was difficult getting information about who had travelled to Syria and whether they had joined rebel groups.
“You may be there providing medical assistance and get hit by a stray bullet, or a rocket launcher gets fired at the building you’re at, so we do need a bit of caution.
“I’m not naive enough to think some of these people aren’t shot in the heat of battle, but because of the absence of information we are cautious not to generalise.”
The families of all four men have said they did not believe the men were fighting against the government.
Mr Drennan would not be drawn on whether the AFP had enough evidence to arrest some Australians who might still be fighting in the conflict.
He said that he did not expect there were networks of recruiters operating in Australia, as feared in the Netherlands and Belgium.
There are yet to be any charges against Australians who have travelled to Syria, or those who have aided their passage, despite dozens of police raids across Europe amid fears that fighting in the conflict will radicalise young Muslims and encourage domestic terrorism.
Those found to have fought in Syria, or to have recruited fighters, could face charges. The charges could be more serious if the individual was found to have fought with al-Nusra, as opposed to the Free Syrian Army, when it becomes a prohibited group – Nino Bucci


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