– Indonesian police have arrested another alleged people smuggler as part of the most concerted effort in years to catch and lock up those who transport refugees by boat to Australia.
Alleged Iranian smuggling kingpin Mohammad Hadi, also known as Sayed Ali, was arrested with two accomplices at 2am on Monday in an apartment block in Jakarta.
His operation was exposed by a tip-off two weeks earlier from a group of refugees caught driving towards the coast of western Java.
Detective Bruce Sinai from the Banten police’s people-smuggling Taskforce, said Ali was identified after police stopped the bus-load of Iranians about two weeks ago.
The refugee pointed at a man in their midst, Habib Abdullah, as an organiser. Police arrested Habib who, in turn, named Ali as well as two other accomplices, Hussein bin Abdisaleh, and another known only as Hussein, as the main organisers. All three were arrested in the Monday morning raid.
Sayed Ali was being held in prison Monday in the town of Serang, Detective Bruce said, awaiting questioning.
His arrest comes as the number of boats containing refugees from Iran increases, including one that nearly sank two weeks ago. A number of active and energetic operators – most from Afghanistan and Pakistan – are still sending boats, including Aman Rezai, Hasan Ayub, Haji Ismail and the infamous Silkandar; whose boats often sink.
Sayed Ali’s arrest comes about 10 days after one of the country’s biggest alleged people smugglers, Billu, whose real name is Javed Mehmud Bhat, was also arrested. Billu is alleged to have been behind a boat which sank on June 21st last year with the loss of 96 lives.
Also in recent weeks, Australian citizen Qasem Ali was sentenced to six years prison for his people-smuggling activities.
The spate of activity suggests that, under pressure from the Australian government, Indonesian police are taking the offence of people smuggling more seriously.
Indonesia did not criminalise people smuggling until 2011, bringing in prison sentences of between five and 15 years.
The latest arrests come as budget cuts begin to bite the Australian Federal Police contingent in Jakarta, forcing them to cut two of their full-time officers – Michael Bachelard

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