$500,000 TO CATCH A KILLER – Thursday May 23 2013

– Cold-case investigators will today post a huge reward to solve a brutal 1983 lover’s lane killing.
Operation Busied investigators have been quietly working on the murder of Rodney James Mitchell, which took place 30 years ago today. They will announce a $500,000 lure to crack the case.
Police believe the man who shot Mr Mitchell may be linked to two earlier sexual assaults at the same spot.
Mr Mitchell was parked in his car with a female friend in the Police Paddocks Reserve in Rowville when the killer made his move.
Wearing a balaclava and brandishing a sawn-off shotgun, he ordered Mr Mitchell from a red Mitsubishi Sigma that was parked at the end of Greenbank Avenue.
Mr Mitchell complied but then tried to disarm the gunman. In the struggle, the 37-year-old was shot in the chest and died at the scene.
Police say the gunman then returned to the car and tied the woman’s hands together, trapping her in the front passenger seat.
They drove on to Churchill Park Drive, where the terrified woman somehow opened her door and rolled on to the road.
The driver sped away and was last seen heading southeast towards Berwick.
Mr Mitchell’s car was found the next morning at Caulfield Station in what is now known as Sir John Monash Drive.
A witness provided a description of a man seen running from the car at 6:35am that day, and police have again release an image of that man.
The Mitchell killing May be connected to unsolved sexual assaults in 1980 and 1983 within 200 metres of his shooting. Police said there we similarities between the offender’s methods.
Detective Senior Sergeant Ron Iddles, of the Homicide Squad, said he hoped the $500,000 incentive would yield details that could help solve the crime – Mark Buttler


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