– A senior Comanchero and two other members of the outlaw bikie club barged into the family home of one of Australia’s leading builders in a suspected standover attempt to force the construction firm owner to pay a disputed debt.
Master Builders Association federal vice-president Trevor Evans was at his suburban Melbourne home when the bikie trio, led by Comanchero sergeant-at-arms Norm Meyer! entered his house through an unlocked door and confronted him over money that a subcontractor claimed he was owed.
Dramatic vision of what police have labelled an extortion attempt was recorded on CCTV cameras and has been obtained by Fairfax Media, prompting the Napthine Government to say it was “gravely concerned” about alleged infiltration of the building industry by “criminal elements”.
The head of Victoria Police’s anti-bikie taskforce Echo, Detective Superintendent Peter De Santo, told Fairfax Media that what Mr Evans had endured was one of several examples of bikie gangs and other crime groups being used to collect disputed debts or to deal with industrial disputes in the building industry – Nick McKenzie & Richard Baker


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