LEAKER COULD HEAD TO NZ – Thursday June 13 2013

– New Zealand’s opposition parties say US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden would be welcome if he decided to seek refuge in the country.
Mr Snowden, a National Security Agency contractor, is thought to have gone to ground in Hong Kong after blowing the lid on US survey program PRISM, sparking fears that it may be carrying out citizen surveillance – including in New Zealand.
Prominent Australian barrister Geoffrey Robertson says the 29-year-old May be able to resist extradition under Hong Kong law by claiming to be a political fugitive, but any decision could be reversed by the Chinese Government.
“(Alternatively) Mr Snowden would doubtless be safe-but-sorry in North Korea and might find refuge in Russia. A more pleasant environment would be New Zealand, where he could join Kim Dotcom in resisting extradition,” he said.
Dotcom is wanted in the US on copyright charges relating to his file-sharing website Megaupload, which was shut down after he was arrested during a raid on his mansion near Auckland in January 2012.
New Zealand’s Labour’s communications spokeswoman Clare Curran said Mr Snowden should be able to come to New Zealand with the assurance he would be treated fairly by the legal system.
The development came as members of the US Congress expressed growing doubts about the way the US’s top-secret surveillance programs are managed.
Emerging from a briefing with officials from the NSA, the Justice Department and the FBI, some members of the US House of Representatives said they had more questions than answers about the surveillance programs that sweep up records from millions of phone and internet accounts – Herald Sun


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