– The 19-year-old university student made a statement to police on March 16th, 2004, less than 48 hours after she says Stephen Milne sexually assaulted her.
In the statement, she said she and a friend had gone back to St Kilda player Leigh Montagna’s house after a night out.
The players had been drinking, she said, but she and her friend were not.
She said Milne went off with her friend while she had consensual sex with Montagna.
Later she was in a dark room with Montagna, Milne and her friend, she said.
“I then felt who I thought was Leigh start to kiss me again,” she told police.
She said he tried to have sex with her. “I kept pushing him away saying, ‘No don’t’,” she said. “I said ‘no’ to him about six times.
“Eventually he said ‘Do you want me to be a nice guy about this?’.”
She said she later felt hands on her ankles and realised it was Milne, not Montagna, she had been talking to.
“I felt sick. I was in complete shock,” she told police. “At no time did I want to have sex with Steve. Any sexual act between us was not consensual. I did not have any alcohol on this day at any time, nor did I take any drugs,” she said.
Milne was interviewed by police later that same day.
He told police he spoke to the woman for 20-30 seconds before they started kissing. He said the woman told him “No” when he tried to have sex several times without a condom.
He said he had said to her, “Ok, fine” and “No dramas at all”. He denied that she tried to push him away.
He said he didn’t think she had mistaken him for Montagna while they were together, but conceded she had left the house afterwards under that impression, and was angry.
“She said she thought it was Leigh,” Milne said.
“She 100% knew it was me the whole time.
“There’s no way known that she thought it was Leigh the whole time.”
He thought she was jealous Montagna had turned his attention to her friend: “I think she was angry because Leigh swapped over.”
The Brighton CIU detectives who were assigned to investigate the case, Scott Gladman and Mike Smith, had barely started before media were tipped off. The players, who both maintain their innocence, had not even been questioned yet.
Years later the officers, neither of whom remains in the force, told Nine News the case was under attack from within from the moment the complaint was made.
Mr Gladman said tapes of interviews with Milne and Montagna vanished from his desk, to reappear hours later; he found a page of transcript from an interview with one player on the photocopier.
Another member was “adamant” the woman’s statement was shown to people at St Kilda; then president Rod Buttress denied it.
There were also daily calls from police who had no legitimate role to play. “I was left in no doubt in one particular call…was of the effect of you’re a long time in this job and people have long memories, so make sure you do the right thing,” Mr Gladman said. Colleagues told him to make the problem go away and he’d be “looked after”, he said.
Others would ring asking where the woman lived, and probing for a name.
He would cart heavy case files home because he did not believe they were secure.
When it was decided not to lay charges – which was leaked almost immediately – it hit both men hard. Both say natural justice was denied to all those involved.
Their decision to come forward forced an Office of Police Integrity probe, which last year recommended a review of the evidence.
Yesterday Victoria Police release this statement: “Victoria Police can confirm that it has today charged a 33-year-old man from Cheltenham with four counts of rape following an alleged incident in 2004.
“The decision…follows an extensive review of the initial investigation…prompted by an OPI recommendation…It is a matter of regret that this review found the initial investigation to have been substantially inadequate.
“As a result, further inquiries have been conducted by the Sexual Crimes Squad and, after consulting with the Office of Public Prosecutions, the decision has been made to lay charges.” – Elissa Hunt

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