– A man accused of murdering a self-proclaimed vampire has arrived back in Melbourne to face court after spending years on the run.
Mark Adrian Perry, 45, was captured at a factory in the Perth suburb of Morley on Tuesday. On Thursday he was flown to Melbourne and detectives drove him directly from the tarmac to be held in custody until a court appearance on Friday.
Mr Perry is charged with murdering Shane Chartres-Abbott, gunned down by two men in from of his father and girlfriend as he left his Melbourne home in 2003.
At the time of his death, Mr Chartes-Abbott, 28, was working as a male gigolo and on trial for raping a female client. He told police he was a vampire who needed to drink blood to survive.
Police say one man assaulted Mr Chartes-Abbott’s pregnant girlfriend and father while another shot him dead.
Police allege the murder was in revenge for a rape. Two other people have previously been charged over the killing.
Mr Perry had lived in Queensland, Western Australia and Thailand over the years. A $1 million reward in 2009 failed to flush him out of hiding.
He was last seen in Queensland in September 2007, but was believed to have a new identity and may have changed his appearance. Police have not said how they finally tracked down Mr Perry – The Age


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