– Police are investigating two sex attacks that left both victims fearing for their lives.
The most recent incident was on Tuesday afternoon, when a 33-year-old woman was kidnapped and sexually assaulted several times over 30 minutes. She required hospital treatment after the attack near Croydon.
She had got off a bus on the corner of Mount Dandenong and Norton Roads about 4:15pm when a man driving a red sedan approached her. He asked to see her breasts then ordered her into his car, saying he had a knife and gun. The offender then broke the woman’s nose by punching her in the face and sexually assaulted her several times.
The offender drove her to Jumping Creek Road Reserve, about 10 kilometres away, where he sexually assaulted her again. He then took her phone and told her to get out of the car before driving away. The woman ran to the main road where she flagged down a passer-by for help.
Detective Senior Sergeant Sue Thomas said a 12-year-old girl may have been approached by the same man about 30 minutes earlier in Mooroolbark, but she ignored him.
He is described as having brown or auburn hair, a star-shaped tattoo on his left hand, and was wearing a camouflage cap and dark sunglasses.
Police have also released details of another unrelated sex assault. Vanessa, 39, from Springvale, was grabbed by the throat and sexually assaulted while driving home from work on July 3rd.
She thought her attacker was in “mortal danger” when he leapt into her car while she was stopped in traffic in Noble Park.
The shirtless and shoeless man got in the front passenger door and told Vanessa to drive away quickly as if he was being chased. He then grabbed her by the throat and sexually assaulted her.
She said that he appeared to be aged between 17 and 20 and that this was particularly disturbing, given she had a son a similar age. “That I find very tragic, that he’s so young.”
He is believed to be of Pacific Islander appearance with a solid, muscular build and short spiky hair and was wearing black jeans – Niño Bucci & Thomas O’Byrne


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