WOMAN ASSAULTED IN HER CAR – Friday July 12 2013

– A Melbourne mother grabbed by the throat and indecently assaulted during a carjacking attempt fears she could have been raped or murdered if she hadn’t fought back.
Vanessa, 39, pushed and shoved at the young, shirtless man who had jumped into her car as she was stuck in peak-hour traffic in Noble Park.
The man leapt into her car on Wednesday last week after Vanessa hesitated in peak-hour traffic, having seen him wave frantically in her rear-view mirror.
“I initially believed he was in mortal danger,” she said.
He leapt into her car and yelled “Go go go” before sliding his hands around her throat and indecently assaulting her.
“I knocked him away and stopped at the nearest street and started shoving him, saying, ‘Get out of my car, get out of my car’,” Vanessa said.
She used her spare arm to honk the horn while yelling and shoving at him until he finally fled.
The attacker is described as being of Islander appearance, about 175 centimetres tall, solid, muscular build, “clean cut” with spiky hair and no tattoos, and aged about 17 to 20 – Wayne Flower


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