KILLED FOR JUST $200 – Tuesday July 16 2013

– Hastings jeweller Dermot O’Toole was allegedly murdered for no more than $200 worth of jewellery during a botched armed robbery, court documents reveal.
Gavin Perry, 26, of Crib Point, appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday afternoon charged with murdering the 64-year-old at the shop he owned with his wife, Bridget.
Mr Perry, who hung his head below the level of the dock throughout the filing hearing, is also accused of intentionally causing serious injury to Mrs O’Toole. A third charge alleges Mr Perry robbed jewellery valued at $200 from the couple’s shop, The Jewel Shed, armed with a knife.
One of Mr O’Toole’s three sons, Christian O’Toole, sat in court with his wife today to look at the accused.
According to detectives, Dermot O’Toole was fatally stabbed by a bandit after going to his wife’s aid during the robbery on Friday afternoon. He died at the scene.
Mrs O’Toole, 63, was also stabbed and was admitted to hospital.
Prosecutor Patrick O’Halloran told magistrate Jack Vandersteen that Mr Perry’s image should be suppressed from publication as witnesses were soon to view photoboards as part of the investigative process.
Mr O’Halloran said the witnesses might be influenced if they saw Mr Perry’s image beforehand.
“Identity is a live issue,” Mr O’Halloran said. Mr Vandersteen suppressed Mr Perry’s image for two weeks.
The hearing was told investigators had seized shop CCTV footage as well as footage of the accused man at a nearby supermarket before the crime occurred.
Detectives had seized clothing believed worn by the accused man, the court was told.
Homicide detectives have until September 30th to serve the brief of evidence.
Mr Perry tried to turn away from the courtroom when Mr Vandersteen told him to stand. “Look at me please,” the magistrate ordered.
Mr Perry, wearing a maroon T-shirt and dark tracksuit pants, turned forward and was told he would next appear in court for a committal mention on November 11th. He was then returned to the cells.
Christian O’Toole hugged his sobbing wife afterwards – Paul Anderson


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