ACCUSED FREED IN ERROR – Wednesday July 17 2013

– The alleged bookkeeper of a syndicate accused of sourcing more than 100 sex workers for Melbourne brothels was mistakenly released from immigration detention hours after being transported from a court complex.
A magistrate on Monday bailed Zhe Fang, 35, but he was taken into custody of the Immigration Department because his student visa had been cancelled. Mr Fang – accused of being responsible for collecting money from brothels and tracking workers’ performances – was transferred to the Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre from Melbourne Magistrates Court.
But unknown to Australian Federal Police or the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, he was freed about 4pm on Monday.
Magistrate Rose Falla, who had bailed him, heard on Tuesday that Mr Fang was free about an hour before federal agents reclaimed him.
Prosecutor Krista Breckweg then successfully applied to revoke his bail – which was not opposed by his solicitor Lucien Richter – given that he was no longer in detention.
It is believed there was a “miscommunication” between government departments relating to a criminal justice visa granted to Mr Fang.
Ms Falla on Monday ruled it was likely three of Mr Fang’s co-accused would continue operating their alleged lucrative syndicate if granted bail.
Mae Ja Kim, Moon Ja Kim and Huan Wen Ye were denied bail – Steve Butcher & Nino Bucci


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