NO BAIL FOR BIKIE ASSOCIATE – Wednesday July 17 2013

– A Finks motorcycle gang associate who allegedly forced his way into a home and assaulted the parents of a young student after a schoolyard spat has been denied bail.
Shane Conci, 38, allegedly used his Finks connections as leverage as part of a revenge campaign after his son, 14, and daughter, 12, became involved in a minor issue at a north-eastern secondary school with another student, aged 12.
It is alleged the issue culminated on June 5th when abuse was yelled at the other student, who then told her mother.
The mother told the boy to stop abusing her daughter.
It is alleged that on the following morning, Mr Conci spoke to the school principal, saying he was a member of the Finks and that if the other family continued to hassle his children he would get their address, go there and rip that family to shreds.
Mr Conci is accused of visiting the family’s home with others, and forcing his way inside and attacking both parents, with the help of another man.
A baseball bat was allegedly used during the attack.
The female student’s father was knocked unconscious and kicked while on the ground, it is alleged.
The mother was allegedly struck with the bat.
Senior Detective Matthew Mckenzie, of Whittlesea CIU, told the bail application hearing that police feared Mr Conci might try to intimidate witnesses if released on bail.
Crown prosecutor Peter Rose, SC, told Justice Terry Forrest that Mr Conci would pose an unacceptable risk, adding it was a “terrifying experience” for the victims.
Mr Conci’s barrister, Theo Kassimatis, said his client would not seek to interfere with anyone if granted bail.
In refusing bail, Justice Forrest said he was troubled by the circumstances of the alleged offending, and said there would be inordinate delay in the case.
Mr Conci is facing several charges including aggravated burglary, intentionally causing serious injury and common assault.
He is due to reappear in Melbourne Magistrates Court next month – Herald Sun


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