SUSPECT IN THE GUN – Wednesday July 17 2013

– A veteran armed robber has emerged as a key suspect in the murder of gangland figure Graham Kinniburgh.
The bandit, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been under scrutiny over the murder of Kinniburgh outside his Kew home in 2003.
Organised crime detectives yesterday announced a breakthrough when they seized a Hyundai car believed to be linked to Kinniburgh’s death and the disappearance and suspected murder of Melton man Terrence Blewitt.
It will be forensically examined to check for evidence Blewitt was killed inside.
Blewitt, who was connected to Melbourne underworld figures, disappeared in April 2004, five months after the death of Kinniburgh.
Kinniburgh, known as The Munster, was killed after arriving at his family home in Belmont Avenue after a night out.
Kinniburgh was an associate of other murdered Melbourne crime figures including Mario Condello and Lewis Moran.
The car confiscation came as police announced a $100,000 reward for anyone able to help solve the Kinniburgh murder.
The violent career criminal allegedly implicated in that killing was an associate of former crime boss Carl Williams, who is suspected of ordering the Kinniburgh hit at the height of Melbourne’s gangland war. The man was involved in a succession of major Melbourne armed robberies in the 1990s.
The bandit, who lives in country Victoria, was once caught with the registrations of cars used by Victoria Police detectives.
In the past he has been charged with kidnap, blackmail and breaching parole.
Police said the person who owned the dark blue Hyundai Excel at the time of the Kinniburgh and Blewitt cases had been uncooperative.
Its current owner, a woman from Alexandra in country Victoria, is not under investigation.
Detective Acting Inspector Stuart Bailey, of the Purana Taskforce, said the car was tracked down by Purana detectives as they prepared to put together inquest briefs on unsolved gangland killings.
“We certainly believe Terrence Blewitt has died and there are two possibilities. He’s either been murdered or has died as a result of an accident, and we believe whatever occurred, occurred in that vehicle,” Inspector Bailey said.
He said he was confident an examination would find traces of blood and DNA in the car.
One theory under investigation is that Blewitt was in some way involved in the Kinniburgh murder, in which the shooter escaped in a dark blue Hyundai.
Blewitt was last seen by his partner as he walked towards a dark blue Hyundai on the corner of Lachlan and Hume Streets in Melton at 2:20pm on April 12th, 2004.
The woman reported Blewitt missing when he failed to return home the next day – Mark Buttler & Samantha Landy


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