BAIL FOR ACCUSED – Thursday July 18 2013

– An alleged drug trafficker has been granted bail despite a magistrate earlier refusing to release him from custody because of fears of another gangland war.
Nabil Karam, 41, was granted bail in the Supreme Court yesterday on strict conditions, including a $500,000 surety.
He had been in custody since his arrest on drugs and weapons charges last month, with police alleging he is connected to a commercial drug trafficking operation.
Mr Karam was arrested after police say they seized a 3.25kg haul of amphetamines from the home of co-accused Tony Sergi.
The arrest followed a month-long investigation by federal and Victorian police.
In the lead-up to his arrest Mr Karam was allegedly caught carrying a handgun as protection after he was kidnapped and threatened over a an alleged drug debt.
George Georgiou, SC, for Mr Karam said yesterday his client had been living in fear of his life when allegedly caught with the handgun.
He said he had made the wrong choice when deciding how to protect himself against people who were set on enforcing the debt.
Denying him bail last month, magistrate Peter Reardon said Melbourne’s bloody gangland war had been sparked by disputes over drugs.
He said he wouldn’t risk a repeat of the public violence caused by people connected with illegal drug trafficking running around the city with weapons.
But Mr Georgiou said there was no longer a concern about the debt as somebody else had taken it on.
He told the court Mr Karam was a low risk of reoffending and had a stable family, work and accommodation.
He said his client could be imprisoned for up to two years while awaiting trial and could lose his mortgage broking business and severely jeopardise a fledgling investment project.
In granting bail Justice Bernard Bongiorno said police had conceded that the risks of Mr Karam reoffending were not unacceptable and ruled he had shown exceptional circumstances – Shannon Deery


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