HUSBAND’S TEARFUL PLEA – Friday July 19 2013

– The husband of a woman bashed so badly she is severely brain damaged has made a tearful plea for help, revealing the attack has left her missing half her skull.
Jill Brookes, 62, was discovered lying in a pool of blood at her secondhand bookstore in Altona’s Harrington Square following a savage robbery on July 20th last year.
Ms Brooke’s’ husband, Michael Overend, said his wife’s partly missing skull meant she had to wear a helmet. He said her injuries were localised to the left side of her head, meaning she could understand conversations and recognise faces but was unable to communicate properly.
“I will never have my wife back. She will never come home,” he said. “I had expected us to retire and live the rest of our lives together.”
He said bringing her attacker to justice would bring him “some peace”. “They probably need just as much help as Jillian does.”
Police believe the author of a mysterious note could hold vital information. Crafted with cut-out newspaper letters, it was dropped anonymously into the Altona North police station in May. Detective Senior Constable Matt Noonan said the note had “fairly specific” information about the incident.
Investigators have previously release details of a Caucasian man of medium build wearing full khaki overalls and a dark, check flannel shirt seen in the area – Thomas O’Byrne


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