DIGGING FOR DEATH CLUES – Wednesday July 24 2013

– Gangland figure Terrence Blewitt is buried under a shed on a property in northern Victoria, police believe.
Investigators have converged on Yarrawonga to follow up the latest breakthrough in an escalating inquiry into the suspected murder of Blewitt nine years ago.
A cadaver dog from NSW, crime scene investigators from Victoria and an anthropologist-archaeologist from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine started searching the block of land on Cahills Road yesterday.
They were yet to find any remains yesterday but Purana Taskforce Acting Inspector Stuart Bailey said police believed Blewitt was buried under a shed on the property, which measures about 100 metres by 25 metres.
He said investigators turned their focus to the property after they seized a Hyundai car last week, which was believed connected to Blewitt’s disappearance and the 2003 murder of Graham Kinniburgh.
Blewitt was a person of interest in that inquiry.
Police last week announced a $100,000 reward for anyone able to help catch the killer of Kinniburgh.
“We gained some information and we had some intelligence that after Blewitt’s disappearance he went missing in the northern part of Victoria, and as a result of the media opportunity last week, we’ve been able to home in on that information,” Inspector Bailey said.
He said investigators hoped that locating Blewitt’s body would reveal whether he was murdered or if his death was accidental.
“Perhaps the investigation on why he died will lead us closer on the Kinniburgh matter,” Inspector Bailey said.
While the previous owner and the current owner of the Yarrawonga property have no links to the case, Inspector Bailey said police had several “persons of interest”.
He said the car that was seized last week was still being forensically examined.
That man, a former ally of drug kingpin Carl Williams, had been a person of interest in the inquiry since Kinniburgh was executed outside his Kew home in 2003.
Williams was suspected of ordering the murder of Kinniburgh.
The common link between the Blewitt and Kinniburgh inquiries is a dark blue Hyundai Excel.
Blewitt was seen walking to such a car on the day he disappeared from Melton and the same make of vehicle was seen driving away when Kinniburgh died – Tom Minear & Mark Buttler


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