CAR A CLUE IN SLAYING – Friday July 26 2013

– A four-wheel-drive vehicle parked “oddly” in a road where a woman was killed could prove to be a vital clue, police say.
Homicide Squad detectives are appealing to anyone who saw the dark-coloured car parked in Massey Avenue, Reservoir, on the night Teresa Mancuso died to come forward.
Detectives believe the vehicle was parked in the driveway of the property where Ms Mancuso, 49, was found on Monday, July 15th.
“We have a person who’s reported to us that there was a vehicle parked near the house about 9 that evening,” Detective Inspector John Potter said.
“It was oddly parked to the extent where traffic was forced to drive around it to avoid it,” he added.
“It was half on and half off the nature strip and into the running carriageway of Massey Avenue.
“We think this vehicle might have significance in our investigation and the person may be able to help us with our inquiries,” the detective said.
Detective Inspector Potter said the car was “crucial” to the police investigation, as it might have been a vehicle used by the killer.
“We are unable to account (for) why that vehicle would have been parked there, particularly in that way,” Detective Inspector Potter said.
“No one is able to account for the vehicle.
“It may not be (linked to the killer), but it does seem to be parked in a peculiar way which is unexplainable, given that it’s a residential street.
“It’s crucial we identify the particular make, model and registration number of this car,” Detective Inspector Potter said.
A relative found Ms Mancuso’s body in the rear of No. 19, where she lived with her mother, around 9:45pm.
Police were called after neighbours phoned 000 reporting a disturbance.
Detective Inspector Potter said it was possible Ms Mancuso was killed by someone she knew.
“It’s possible she knew her killer,” he said.
“We are looking at a number of avenues with regard to the connections to Teresa.”
He confirmed police had spoken to Ms Mancuso’s ex-husband, Fernando Paulino.
Footprints in the front yard have been analysed – Jon Kaila



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2 Responses to CAR A CLUE IN SLAYING – Friday July 26 2013

  1. blicious says:

    just a matter of time before he is brought to justice

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