GRIM HUNT FOR TRUTH – Saturday July 27 2013

– A mother who refuses to accept that her daughter killed herself has raised $50,000 to pay for an inquest.
The death of Phoebe Handsjuk, 24, whose body was found in a compacting area at the foot of a garbage chute in a St Kilda Rd apartment block in December 2010, was ruled a suicide by police.
But Natalie Handsjuk said: “I won’t ever believe that’s what happened, and I think I’ve got very good reasons for not believing that. I don’t think she did put herself down the chute. I think she’s been put in there, for whatever reason.”
The homicide squad passed the case to South Melbourne detectives within five days.
Phoebe Handsjuk’s grandfather, retired detective Lorne Campbell, has said vital evidence wasn’t properly gathered and statements weren’t taken from all relevant people.
Ms Handsjuk’s lawyers argue there is sufficient evidence that the death may have been murder.
After running fundraising online and in her local area, and spending her own savings, including housing equity, Ms Handsjuk raised $10,000 to finance legal action arguing for the inquest.
This was opposed by lawyers for Phoebe Handsjuk’s boyfriend, Antony Hampel, who argued there was no basis for a finding that the death was murder.
Mr Hampel is the son of retired Victorian Supreme Court judge George Hampel and a stepson of County Court judge Felicity Hampel.
Ms Handsjuk has also raised $41,800 to pay for legal representation for a 15-day inquest, and is still working to raise funds in the event the inquest lasts longer.
Ms Handsjuk said she was trying to remain “focused on the facts” and not get carried away by emotion, but “there’s a huge part of me that still can’t believe its happened”.
“We are just hoping to get some answers to questions we still have about what happened to Phoebe,” she said.
“It’s an extraordinary way for a young person to take her life. It would have to have been a pretty mighty effort to have been able to do what she did, even if you were completely sober, given the chute opening was a metre off the ground,” she said.
The inquest begins on August 5th. Any extra money raised will be donated to Stop Violence Against Women – Wendy Tuohy

Antony Hampel, boyfriend of Phoebe Handsjuk

Phoebe Handsjuk

Phoebe Handsjuk’s mother, Natalie Handsjuk


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