– Serial killer Peter Dupas could face another murder charge over the stabbing death of grandmother Kathleen Downes.
Detectives will today appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court to apply to interview Dupas in Barwon Prison.
For several years police have been progressing historical cases against Dupas, who is the prime suspect in the murders of Mrs Downes and Renita Brunton.
Mrs Downes, 95, was murdered in a Brunswick nursing home in 1997.
One theory investigators believe may have motivated Dupas to kill Ms Downes was that he resented the hours his girlfriend, a nurse, worked at another home.
The triple killer was interviewed over the murder in 2001, but refused to comment.
Former lawyer Andrew Fraser has provided information over the murder of Ms Downes.
Fraser helped convict Dupas over the stabbing death of Mersina Halvagis when he testified Dupas had confessed killing her to him in a jailhouse pantomime.
Fraser also told investigators Dupas indicated to him that “they will never get me for that” in reference to the murder of Ms Downes.
Dupas allegedly referred to Ms Downes as “the other old sheila down the road” to Fraser while discussing the Halvagis murder at Fawkner Cemetery.
Mr Fraser and Dupas were inmates in a Port Phillip Prison protection unit at the time.
Ms Downes was a resident at the Brunswick Lodge nursing home when an intruder stabbed her to death at 6:30am on December 31st, 1997 – almost two months after the murder of Ms Halvagis.
A homicide investigation revealed Dupas had telephoned the nursing home and asked for Ms Downes some time before her murder.
The Director of Public Prosecutions is expected to review the case if significant new evidence is found.
Dupas is also a suspect in the killing of Helen McMahon – who may have been his first murder victim.
Ms Downes’ three children have campaigned for Dupas to be charged and tried or for an inquest to be held over their mother’s murder.
Dupas is regarded as one of Victoria’s worst serial killers.
He is serving concurrent life sentences over the murders of Nicole Paterson and Margaret Maher – Anthony Dowsley


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