POLICE CLUES ON MURDER – Tuesday July 30 2013

– Police have revealed a breakthrough in the murder investigation of slain horse trainer Les Samba.
Detectives released a previously unseen CCTV image of two men they say spoke to Mr Samba, at Crown Casino, where he was staying, just hours before he was gunned down on Beaconsfield Parade, Middle Park, on 27th February 2011.
It is hoped the two unknown men can be identified and shed new light on the two year old case.
Police stressed the men were not regarded as suspects, but may unwittingly hold vital clues.
“We haven’t been able to identify those two individuals, so if we could get them identified so we could speak to them, that would be good,” Purana Taskforce Detective Mark Butterworth told Channel 10’s Wantedlast night.
It came as Mr Samba’s daughter, Victoria, renewed appeals for information about her dad’s killer.
Ms Samba, who is expecting her third child at the end of the year, told the Herald Sun nothing would help her family overcome the loss of her father.
“My daughter Hilary was three when she lost her grandfather,” she said.
“I’m really sad my other two children will never have the chance to meet him,” she added – Ruth Lamperd and Jon Kaila



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