– Detectives have been granted up to five hours, but no more, to quiz serial killer Peter Dupas over the 1997 stabbing death of grandmother Kathleen Downes.
Detective Sergeant Michael Daly told Melbourne Magistrates Court Dupas was a prime suspect.
He said information provided by former lawyer Andrew Fraser had led to the request to reinterview Dupas. Dupas was questioned over the killing back in 2001 but refused to comment.
Detective Sergeant Daly said Fraser had made a statement detailing conversations with Dupas while the pair were inmates at Port Phillip Prison. Fraser was jailed in 2001 for smuggling cocaine.
The disgraced ex-solicitor is to receive a sizeable chunk of a $1 million reward for information he gave that helped convict Dupas for the 1997 murder of Mersina Halvagis.
Dupas has long been a suspect in the stabbing murder of Ms Downes at a Brunswick nursing home.
Detective Sergeant Daly told the court investigations had found Dupas’ home phone was used to contact Ms Downes nursing home twice in November 1997. The court heard another call was allegedly made on New Year’s Eve that year, just two hours before Ms Downes was stabbed to death.
Dupas was yesterday reminded he was not obliged to answer detectives’ questions and that his right to remain silent was not affected.
Dupas allegedly referred to Ms Downes as “the other old sheila down the road” to Fraser while discussing the Halvagis murder.
Fraser is said to have told investigators Dupas indicated that “they will never get me for that” in reference to the murder of Ms Downes.
Ms Downes was a resident at the Brunswick Lodge nursing home when an intruder stabbed her to death at 6:30am on December 31st, 1997, almost two months after the murder of Ms Halvagis.
The Director of Public Prosecutors is expected to review the case if significant new evidence is found.
Ms Downes three children have campaigned for Dupas to be tried or for an inquest to be held.
Dupas, regarded as one of Victoria’s worst serial killers, is serving concurrent life terms for the murders of Ms Halvagis, Nicole Paterson, and Margaret Maher – Shannon Deery & Anthony Dowsley


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One Response to TRIPLE KILLER FACES QUIZ FOR MURDER NO.4 – Wednesday July 31 2013

  1. Oh, Magistrate Dominic Lennon. Aren’t you a good man for allowing Detective Daly 5 hours with Dupas? Gee whiz! The rights of Mr Dupas first, and the late Mrs Downes second. A simply brilliant arrangement of priorities going on here.

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