US SPY OUTRAGE – Thursday August 1 2013

– Julian Assange has defended wikileak’s ability to protect its sources after US soldier Bradley Manning’s conviction for espionage.
Assange said yesterday’s verdicts against Manning, who leaked an estimated 250,000 diplomatic cables and 500,000 classified military documents to WikiLeaks, was “national security extremism”.
A military judge acquitted Manning of “aiding the enemy” but convicted him of espionage, theft and fraud.
The 25-year-old faces up to 136 years in prison.
Assange, 42, said the former US intelligence analyst was “the most important journalistic source the world has ever seen” whose disclosures had exposed war crimes, sparked revolutions, and induced democratic reform.
Speaking from inside Ecuador’s embassy in London, he said the espionage conviction was the first in the US of a whistleblower.
“It is a dangerous precedent. It is a short-sighted judgement that cannot be tolerated and it must be reversed,” he said.
Assange said Manning could appeal, ultimately to the US Supreme Court.
WikiLeaks wouldn’t rest until the “hero” was free.
“There was only ever one just outcome from this trial and that was an acquittal.”
Assange said it was still safe to blow the whistle to WikiLeaks. Manning was undone by a US informer who sold him out to the FBI.
“Our processes have been successful,” he said. “No evidence has been adduced from inside WikiLeaks, or from its personnel or its operations, against Bradley Manning.”
He said there was a “conspicuous absence” of evidence a single person had been harmed by the leaks.
And the US had never claimed Manning worked for a foreign power, despite charging him with espionage – Herald Sun


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