BIKIE SHOOTING FEARS – Monday August 5 2013

– Outlaw motorcycle gang Bros MC is the latest club to have its clubhouse shot up.
Shots were fired into the Yarraville industrial site clubhouse in Campbell Street about 12:20am yesterday, but the gunmen are yet to be identified.
Victoria Police Detective Senior Constable Cameron Pye said more than five shots were fired into the clubhouse, which was empty.
But firing shotguns and handguns near residential areas would not be tolerated, Constable Pye said.
“The potential for people being injured is very high,” he said.
A warrant was executed to search the clubhouse this morning, and members of the Bros were “reluctant” to cooperate with police.
CCTV has been seized but is yet to be reviewed.
Police said there was no known motive and were unable to confirm if the shooting was perpetrated by another club or individuals wanting to warn off the Bros.
In 2011 the Bros were caught up in an internal feud after the defection of members to a larger outlaw club, and their Melton clubhouse was burned down.
Drugs and firearms were seized from the clubhouse in May that year – Anthony Dowlsey & Tom Minear




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