– A man wearing a striped hoodie is the prime suspect for the vicious murder of a mother of three last week.
Homicide Squad detectives hunting the killer of Kylie Blackwood say they are searching for a man seen wearing a grey striped hooded top, dark trousers, a black cap and sunglasses.
He was seen in Mccaffery Rise, Pakenham, where Ms Blackwood lived, about the same time last Thursday that she was murdered.
The 42-year-old’s 11-year-old twin daughters found her dead in their home about 3:40pm and ran to a neighbour’s house for help.
Detective Inspector John Potter said a tradesman spotted the man looking into homes in the street.
“He was described to us as behaving suspiciously and possibly looking into houses as he walked down the street,” Detective Inspector Potter said.
“This man was seen by the tradesman about midday, which is around the same time we believe Mrs Blackwood returned to her home, having been out that morning shopping.”
Detective Inspector Potter said it was possible the man was not involved in the murder.
But he could not be ruled out until he had been interviewed by detectives.
“It is possible Mrs Blackwood was not specifically a target. We’ve got to explore that, obviously. There’s nothing to indicate that,” he said.
Detective Inspector Potter confirmed there had been several daylight burglaries in the area over recent weeks.
“We’re attempting to draw some linkages to those. I don’t say there has been a spate of burglaries, but certainly there has been some,” he said.
Police are continuing to search for CCTV footage from surrounding streets, in the hope the killer may have been caught on video.
Detectives are yet to determine if anything was stolen from the house because Mrs Blackwood’s husband, real estate agent Peter Blackwood, has been too distraught to return there.
“They haven’t been back to the house. You can understand why. Mr Blackwood and the children are absolutely distraught,” Detective Inspector Potter said.
Police are also waiting on the results of forensic tests to see whether the killer left any DNA at the scene.
A murder weapon was yet to be recovered – Wayne Flower


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