– The Spirit of Tasmania is at the heart of a police investigation into criminals with links to Bandido bikie enforcer Toby Mitchell.
A multi-agency probe is under way into fears of gun and drug trafficking on the ferry.
Port figures are concerned about a worker with family links to Mitchell, the Bandido national sergeant-at-arms.
Complaints have been made to the Australian Federal Police about dock workers’ involvement in drug trafficking.
“There is no donut the ship is being used for drug trafficking, whether it’s from Tasmania to Melbourne, or Melbourne to Tasmania,” said a source close to the ferry business.
Victoria Police refused to officially comment, but police sources have told the Herald Sun activities around the ship were the focus of an ongoing operation.
The anti-bikie Echo Taskforce has previously searched bikie gangs disembarking from the ferry, but the unit is not believed to be involved in the current investigation.
The Spirit of Tasmania is regularly used by bikie gangs. In 2007 Tasmanian police smashed a drug ring when they seized about 2kg of methamphetamine found in a car aboard the ferry.
After the discovery, police raided several properties around Devonport, in Northern Tasmania, finding more drugs and cash.
Spirit of Tasmania spokeswoman Soniya Fernandez refused to comment when contacted by the Herald Sun. “The issues you’ve raised are a matter for Victoria Police,” she said.
The federal police were also saying little last night.
“The AFP does not confirm or deny who it may or may not be investigating,” spokesman Nathan Long said.
The Spirit of Tasmania has been the focus of protests at Station Pier in Port Melbourne since July 26th.
Qube, the company responsible for moving freight on to the trans-Tasman vessel, is locked in a dispute with the Maritime Union of Australia.
Protesters, angered by recent sackings by the stevedoring company, have formed picket lines stopping trucks dropping off and picking up freight at the ship.
On Wednesday up to 50 police moved the protesters to ensure the trucks access.
In a separate incident in April, former North Melbourne footballer Callum Urch was arrested by multi-agency police investigating drug trafficking on the city’s waterfront. Police seized cocaine, steroids, human growth hormones and cash.
Urch, who worked at Station Pier, was allegedly supplied cocaine before he was arrested by police.
He is due to appear to face charges later this month.
In 2001 outlaw bikies slipped through a massive police net on the Spirit of Tasmania after they were tipped off, changing out of their club colours and walking off the ship.
Those who rode off were subjected to police checks and a search for guns, explosives and drugs.
Some members of the Coffin Cheaters brought more than one bike off the ship, telling police the missing owners had flown back because they did not like boats – David Hurley & Anthony Dowsley


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