CRIMS HUNT KILLER – Friday August 9 2013

– Criminals disgusted by the murder of a mother in her own home have contacted police about the sickening crime, as her husband paid tribute to a “beautiful” and “devoted” woman.
Mother of three Kylie Blackwood was murdered in her Pakenham home last week while her children were at school.
Homicide Squad Detective Inspector John Potter revealed Crime Stoppers had received more than 100 phone calls about the murder of Mrs Blackwood, including outraged law-breakers.
Detective Inspector Potter previously revealed police were looking for a hooded man seen outside Mrs Blackwood’s Mccaffery Rise home as she returned home from shopping.
One theory is that the murder was a burglary gone wrong, but hit remains unclear whether police have been able to to determine whether anything was stolen.
“We’ve had a lot of assistance from people who live various lifestyles, who think they might be able to help with individuals, and we encourage that type of caller to ring again,” Detective Inspector Potter said.
Asked if some of the calls were from outraged criminals, he replied: “Yes, we have, and they are. The sentiment expressed is ‘this is not right’ and ‘we, the police, need to catch this guy’.”
He added: “We’re looking at the possibility that this is a burglary gone wrong and if it is, and there are people who know about those things in the area, they need to contact us and tell us a bit more about what they know.
“We’ve had some calls, we’ve spoken to some people that we think can help, but at this stage we haven’t been able to identify our suspect.
“We would certainly offer whatever it takes for people to come forward if they think it can help us, whatever it takes, including protection, anonymity, whatever it takes,” Detective Inspector Potter said.
But he vowed the killer would be caught.
“We are reviewing CCTV in neighbouring suburbs and neighbouring streets, but at the moment we have not been able to identify who that person is. But we again appeal, if anyone can help us, to ring Crime Stoppers.”
Revelations that even the criminal underworld is outraged at the murder come as Ms Blackwood’s husband described her as a beautiful and devoted mum.
Real estate agent Peter Blackwood yesterday left a touching tribute to his 42-year-old wife in the Herald Sun.
“To my beautiful darling wife and best friend.
“My love, you have been taken so tragically from us.
“Thank you for always being the the most devoted, loving mother to our three wonderful children. Our lives will never be the same again,” he wrote on behalf of his family.
Mrs Blackwood will be farewelled at St Patrick’s Church in Pakenham on Monday at 10:30am. A private cremation will follow – Jon Kaila & Wayne Flower


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