– Rolf Harris has been re-arrested and bailed again in England following “further allegations” of historical sex abuse, reports say.
Harris, 83, was named earlier this year as the Australian entertainer arrested in late March by officers from Operation Yewtree which was established following the jimmy Savile scandal. However, police have refused to confirm that Harris is the man who has been re-arrested.
He was bailed until May and then again until early August “pending further inquiries”.
On Monday, police said new allegations against a man, widely reported as Harris, had come to light.
“He has returned on bail today where he was further arrested on suspicion of sexual offences in connection with further allegations made to Operation Yewtree,” the Metropolitan Police said. “He has been re-bailed to…later in August.”
The Metropolitan Police stated: “We are not prepared to discuss further, nor comment on the identity of who the man arrested may be.” While police have never named Harris, he has widely been identified in the media as the Berkshire man involved.
The police said Harris “falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed ‘others'”.
That means his arrest is not connected to the specific allegations against Savile – AAP


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