– Homicide detectives have made a crucial breakthrough in the investigation of slain sex worker Tracy Connelly, believing they have captured her killer on CCTV.
Detective Inspector John Potter said the grainy footage showed two people, believed to be Tracy and possibly her killer, between 1:30am and 2:30am on Sunday, July 21st.
The footage has been sent for forensic enhancement, which is hoped will reveal a facial description of the potential offender, who is wearing a light-coloured top.
But Detective Inspector Potter said the “true key” to unlocking the case was a DNA examination of the van Ms Connelly was found in on Greeves Street, St Kilda, with the results yet to be returned.
“We will find out who did this,” Detective Inspector Potter said. “He needs to hear that and realise that his options are narrowing.”
The vital breakthrough came as Ms Connelly’s boyfriend and father pleaded for information.
“We simply are here to ask for help to catch this guy,” Bryan Connelly said.
Ms Connelly’s partner of 19 years, Tony Melissovas, read a statement about his “beautiful angel”.
“I am making this plea in the hope that someone out there knows something in regards to this senseless murder of my beautiful girl.
“I am begging for someone to comment forward and tell the police no matter how big or small the information may be.
“Tracy was a human being and regardless of what she had done for a job, she deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, just like anyone else. Tracy is a beautiful and kind, caring, loving person who deserves justice and not to be forgotten or disrespected by anybody.
“My love for Tracy is unrelenting and so am I when it comes to catching and finding this person responsible for this disgusting and cruel way she has been treated.
“I, along with the police, will not stop until this animal responsible for this crime is caught and punished.
“Tracy is a loved member of our community. We have all been robbed by her senseless murder.”
Ms Connelly’s father said people should not judge Tracy because of her profession. Asked what he would say to his daughter if he could speak to her one last time, he said: “I love you.”
Hundreds gathered last night to pay their respects to Ms Connelly during a candlelight vigil outside the St Kilda Gatehouse in Greeves Street.
Her brother, Les Toft, thanked the crowd on behalf of the family. “She belonged to this community, and it’s wonderful that you are here tonight to claim her as your own,” Mr Toft said – Jon Kaila


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