– A “Sext message” taunt allegedly sparked wild gunfire in the suburbs after video images of a lewd act enraged a former boyfriend, a court heard yesterday.
Brent Middlebrook, 25, held his mobile phone in one hand and a double-barrel sawn-off shotgun in the other, blasting three shots into the air and another at a backyard “target” after receiving a text video involving his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, Heidelberg Magistrates Court was told.
Detective Senior Constable Liam O’Connor said the incident at Bardia Street, Heidelberg West, occurred adjacent to neighbouring houses, a construction site with workmen opposite and near to an Aldi supermarket.
The location of where several rounds ended up was unknown.
Mr Middlebrook allegedly received a taunting sex image on his phone on Tuesday before 10:30am and reacted by filming himself firing off the shotgun and sending the images in response, “in order to give them a fright”, the court heard.
“People on the work site saw him with the firearm and yelling on the phone,” Detective O’Connor said.
Mr Middlebrook, representing himself, told Magistrate Reginald Radford his former partner’s “new bloke” had sent the video.
“They were ringing me, that’s what started it,” he said.
Magistrate Radford refused to release Mr Middlebrook on bail, saying the multiple charges of reckless conduct endangering life and weapons offences in a populous place were very serious.
Magistrate Radford also noted there were questions about Mr Middlebrook’s claim he had found the shotgun, complete with ammunition and filed-off serial number, near commission houses about a week and a half ago.
Mr Middlebrook, who police said acknowledged “test firing” other shots into a target against a bin, also faces drug possession and stolen goods charges.
He was remanded in custody and ordered to reappear on August 15th – Mark Dunn


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