– Statistics released by Australia Post have revealed Australia’s domestic security agency is concentrating its efforts on a very small number of terrorist and espionage targets.
The Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation has been given a 10% budget increase to nearly $370 million for this financial year and has just moved into new $700 million headquarters in Canberra that will house its more than 1700 staff.
But long-ignored statistics suggest that ASIO’s primary counter-terrorism and counter-espionage caseload may be focused on as few as 50 suspects who are, or are likely to be, engaged in activity harmful to Australia’s security.
Public reporting by Australia Post reveals that in 2011-12 the postal corporation made only 54 disclosures of addresses and other external postal details to the security agency.
Australia Post was not required to disclose to ASIO any “specially protected” information that includes the contents of letters and packages. ASIO may only access postal information including the contents of mail under warrants issued by the federal attorney-general.
ASIO does not disclose any statistics on mail interception, or the use of it’s other special powers that include phone tapping and the use of listening and tracking devices.
But Australia Post’s reporting of disclosures of information to security, law enforcement and public revenue agencies provides an indicator of ASIO’s operational activity.
Australia Post statistics over the past 10 years show that ASIO’s access to mail has been very limited, with only 57 disclosures in 2002-03, rising to 117 disclosures in 2005-06 and 266 disclosures in 2006-07, before falling to only 27 disclosures in 2010-11 and 56 in 2011-12.
Former ASIO officers who spoke on condition of anonymity said mail interception is of limited an declining cost effectiveness because electronic communication has reduced Australia Post’s letter business, but is “still important as part of comprehensive [surveillance] coverage of high priority targets”.
“Telecommunications interception and data analysis are very cost effective and efficient means of tracking where a person is and what they are doing, down to what they read and buy on eBay, but it can still be important to see what’s going on in their letterbox,” one former ASIO officer said.
The low level of ASIO mail interception is consistent with other indicators of ASIO’s operational activity including a leaked US Embassy cable published by WikiLeaks that revealed in early 2010 ASIO recommended only 23 Australians suspected of terrorism links for inclusion on US no-fly and border-control watch lists. (Nine of the 23 people listed were overseas).
University of New South Wales academic and author of a history of ASIO, Associate Professor David McKnight said the Australia Post statistics suggested the security agency was focusing its investigatory powers on “the tiny number of people who might wish harm to Australia’s security”.
“The threat of terrorism has often been exaggerated, especially by politicians anxious to demonstrate their virility, though one must acknowledge that the potential damage from even one individual could be quite high,” he said.
The Australia Post statistics show many other federal and state government agencies are still keen to read people’s mail, with nearly 3479 disclosures of the contents of mail in 2011-12 and 4644 disclosures of addresses and other postal information.
Government agencies regularly accessing people’s mail or else obtaining postal information include the Australian Federal Police and state police forces, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, the Australian Crime Commission and state anti-corruption commissions, the Australian Tax Office, Centrelink and Medicare, Australian Defence Force investigators, numerous state government agencies, residential tenancy authorities, racing and gaming authorities and the RSPCA – Philip Dorling


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