– Australia’s elite special forces will help train afghan counterparts next year but will not carry out raids against the Taliban – effectively bringing to an end Australian combat duties.
Defence announced yesterday that Australia had struck an agreement with international coalition partners for special forces and other army personnel to train and advise the Afghans during 2014.
It is the first time the government has confirmed that the SAS and 2nd Commando regiments would no longer perform combat roles next year – and further cements the winding down of Australia’s involvement. It means Australia’s combat duties will end for the time being when the base at Tarin Kowt in Oruzgan province closes by December, bringing home more than 1000 troops.
Defence confirmed in a statement to Fairfax Media: “Australian Special Forces will not have a combat role in Afghanistan in 2014.”
However, the government is leaving open the possibility that, under e right agreement with the Afghan government, special forces could perform a counter-terrorism role in 2015 and beyond, as well as provide training.
Forty Australian soldiers have died fighting in Afghanistan – David Wroe


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