– A witness has told police he saw a man lurking outside the home of a mother of three just minutes before she was brutally murdered in her own home.
The witness, who the Herald Sun has chosen not to name, said a hooded man had waited for Kylie Blackwood to return to her Pakenham home before entering the house.
The witness said he watched the man walk directly to the 42-year-old’s McCaffery Rise home about 15 minutes before she arrived. The next time he saw the man was about 20 minutes after Mrs Blackwood returned home.
The witness claimed he saw the man rushing down the street away from Mrs Blackwood’s home.
He said he had provided a detailed description of the man and helped create a sketch.
The Herald Sun has chosen not to publish a further description of the man at the request of police.
Homicide Squad Detective Inspector John Potter last week said it was possible the man was not involved in the murder.
But he could not be ruled out until he had been interviewed by detectives.
Mrs Blackwood was killed between noon and 3:40pm on August 1st. Her body was found by her twin 11-year-old daughters who ran to a neighbour’s house for help.
Police have said the man was seen about noon walking along Mccaffery Rise near the Blackwood family home.
He has been described as wearing a grey, striped hooded top, dark trousers, a black cap and sunglasses.
Police are continuing to search for CCTV footage from surrounding streets, in the hope the killer may have been caught on video.
Detective Inspector Potter last week refused to rule out that the sickening attack was the result of a burglary gone wrong, but could not say if anything had been stolen.
Sources said Mrs Blackwood’s devastated husband, real estate agent Peter Blackwood, has told police he believed nothing had been taken.
Police refused to comment on the claims yesterday and maintained the investigation was continuing “as previously indicated” – Jon Kaila & Wayne Flower


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