– The family of murdered police informer Terence Hodson and wife Christine have been given hope of an inquest on the unsolved execution-style slayings.
The State Coroner, Judge Ian Gray, has written to the Hodsons’ daughters, Mandy and Nicola, telling them they can argue for an inquest at a hearing next month.
The family have been fighting for a fresh investigation into the double murder, which police have linked to corruption within the force.
Under recent powers given to the State Coroner, witnesses can be compelled to give evidence.
Police believe Hodson was killed, along with his wife, because he was to give evidence against former police officer Paul Dale and another police officer over corruption matters.
Mr Dale was charged with Hodson’s murder until the case was dropped following the 2010 murder of Carl Williams in Barwon Prison.
Charges against a co-accused, career criminal Rodney Collins, who was alleged to have been the hired hitman in the May 2004 killings, were also dropped.
Collins is serving a life term for the double murder of Ramon and Dorothy Abbey.
In May last year the Hodson sisters along with their brother, Andrew, were considering suing Victoria Police for failing their parents.
Hodson had given police information about an Oakleigh burglary he was involved in with corrupt police.
Then detective David Miechel, who was caught at the scene with Hodson, was jailed over the botched burglary.
Charges against Mr Dale were dropped after the Hodsons’ death.
Lawyer Alex Lewenberg said the Hodson children wanted to know why their father was not offered the same level of police protection as similar witnesses.
He said they we anxious to have an inquest.
“They are happy to assist the Coroner in any way they can, he said.
“What we are concerned about is why is it a major witness – which is clearly what he was – was not protected?
“What lack of thinking potentially caused the death of their parents?”
There are concerns an inquest could hinder the police investigation into the murders – Anthony Dowsley


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