Saturday August 17 2013

– The daughters of Melbourne gangland execution victims Terence and Christine Hodson will now get their chance in open court to tell the state coroner why an inquest should be held into their parents’ media.
After fearing an inquest would not be held, state coroner Judge Ian Gray has told the sisters he will hold a mention hearing next month for them to make submissions on a number of possible issues.
These are expected to include any proposed witnesses, the court’s ability to “compel” a witness to give evidence, and the concern an investigation not compromise any criminal prosecution.
The women’s lawyer Alex Lewenberg was recently told that Mr Gray would invite his clients and any party to make submissions about whether an inquest should be held.
The couple were shot in their Kew home on May 16th, 2004, after Mr Hodson turned police informer to implicate serving Drug Squad detectives in serious drug offences.
Those charges against former Detective Paul Dale were withdrawn after the killings.
Mr Dale was later charged with the murder of Mr Hodson, while Rodney Collins was charged with both, but these were withdrawn after Carl Williams – who had implicated both men – was murdered.
Mr Dale has denied all charges and allegations. Collins is serving a life sentence for another double murder.
Mr Lewenberg said on Friday his clients – Mandy Hodson and Nicola Komiazyk – were “most anxious” to hear an explanation from police why their parents allegedly were not afforded the protection other witnesses such as Mr Hodson had not been provided – Steve Butcher


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