– Two men allegedly involved in a $70,000 gold scam have been arrested after walking into a police trap, when they unwittingly tried to fleece a woman for the second time.
Police believe the two Chinese men, Hai-ping Xie, 35, and Yanwen Yang, 47, are part of an international syndicate targeting businesses in Melbourne’s Chinese community.
Whitehorse CIU Acting Detective Sergeant Graeme Savage alleged the scam involved offering various items claimed to be made of gold to victims at a heavily discounted price. Sergeant Savage said the alleged scammers told potential victims they had found the “gold” on a building site and were willing to offload it cheaply because they needed to return to China.
“Once the money has been paid, the victims realise the gold is fake,” he said
Police allege this took place in May last year, when the female owner of a Melbourne medical practice was tricked into handing over $70,000. But on July 31st this year, police claim, Xie and Yang booked an appointment at a different medical practice, not realising it was being run by the same victim. “[The owner] recognised their voice…The offenders weren’t aware they were trying to fleece the same people again. They made an appointment and police were there waiting for them,” Sergeant Savage said.
Xie and Yang, who were believed to be living in Box Hill, have been remanded to appear before the Ringwood Magistrates Court on September 4th.
Both have been charged with attempting to obtain property by deception, while Xie was also charged with obtaining property by deception – Kristian Silva


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