Friday July 25 2014

– A coronial inquest has been told that a former Victoria Police Drug Squad officer had told a now murdered police informer, that should he ever betray him, he would shoot him.
Andrew Hodson told the inquest, which is investigating the deaths of his parents, Terence and Christine Hodson, who were murdered in their Kew home in 2004, that his father had told him that the former detective Paul Dale had once threatened him.
“He showed him a firearm and told him he would be shot if he ever betrayed them [Mr Dale and David Miechel, also a former Drug Squad detective],” Andrew Hodson said in a statement that was read to the Coroner in court on Thursday.
Hitman Rodney Collins and Dale were charged with murdering Terence Hodson in 2009. Hodson had agreed to give evidence against allegedly corrupt police officers. Collins was also charged with the murder of Christine Hodson.
But when Carl Williams was bashed to death in Barwon prison in 2010, the case against the men was dropped.
Both Dale and Collins, who is currently serving time in prison for an unrelated double homicide, both deny any involvement in the Hodson murders.
This week both men were excused from giving evidence at the inquest.
After Terence Hodson had agreed to give evidence against Dale and Miechel, who were charged with a 2003 burglary of drug house in Oakleigh, Andrew Hodson told the inquest his father had been told by police to exercise caution against possible retribution.
Andrew Hodson told the inquest his father was more concerned about Dale, as Dale’s case was more reliant on Terence Hodson’s evidence.
However, according to Andrew Hodson, his father had refused police protection. The inquest was told that Terence Hodson considered Collins to be “good bloke” and sold him cannabis.
The inquest earlier heard that Williams was “dangling a carrot” to police by offering information on the Hodson murders.
The inquest was told by Witness A that he had told Williams to pass on information about the murders to police in order to receive favourable considerations from the investigators and to discredit a prosecution witness.
The inquest is continuing.


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