Monday August 26 2013

– A Calabrian-mafia boss is among several people former detective Paul Dale has identified as suspects in the execution of Terence and Christine Hodson.
Mr Dale has challenged Victoria Police to re-investigate the unsolved murders, despite him remaining the prime suspect.
The former detective-sergeant said he was confident a proper investigation would clear him of any involvement in the 2004 murders of the police informer, 56, and his wife, 55.
In his first interview since being cleared in March on all counts of lying to the Australian Crime Commission, Mr Dale said he had written a book to try to change the public’s mind about him being a corrupt cop.
The new book, Disgraced? The Cop at the Centre of Melbourne’s Gangland Wars, also claimed:
– Police are on tape telling hitman Rod Collins his girlfriend would be eligible for a $1million reward if he gave evidence implicating Mr Dale in the Hodson murders;
– Lawyer Nicola Gobbo was pressured into agreeing to secretly tape Mr Dale to try to get evidence against him. Doing so cost taxpayers more than $300,000, including Ms Gobbo getting 38 business-class flights, chauffeur-driven limos, concert tickets and $1000 a week for 10 months;
– Terence Hodson was involved in a plot to kill Carl Williams and Williams found out about it;
– Police offered Williams about $2 million and fewer years in jail if he gave evidence saying Mr Dale was involved in the Hodson murders;
– Crime boss Tony Mokbel was furious after Terence Hodson robbed him; and
– Terence Hodson’s son Andrew was arrested after Hodson dobbed him in to police.
“I didn’t have anything to do with murdering the Hodsons, maybe Andrew Hodson did,” Mr Dale said.
Andrew Hodson told the Herald Sun in 2008 his father had become “fair game” after becoming a police informer.
Mr Dale has challenged the force to ditch its pursuit of him and launch a new Hodson death probe from scratch.
He said that probe should re-examine Andrew Hodson as a priority.
Mr Dale, 44, also claimed to have identified several other Hodson murder suspects from police and other documents he has.
Charges against Mr Dale of conspiracy to rob an Oakleigh East drug house and to traffic drugs were dropped following the execution of the Hodsons. Terence Hodson was due to give evidence against Mr Dale on those charges.
Mr Dale was later charged over the Hodson murders.
That charge was dropped soon after Williams was beaten to death in jail.
He said police failed to properly investigate 150 people identified as suspects in the Hodson murders.
“Instead they pursued me for political reasons and offered millions of dollars and reduced sentences to criminals to induce them to make false statements against me,” Mr Dale said.
Issuing the public challenge to Victoria Police to have a fresh look at the Hodson murders is putting Mr Dale at risk.
While the murder charges against Mr Dale over the Hodson murders were dropped, there is nothing stopping him from being charged again if any new probe gets more evidence – Keith Moor


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