Wednesday August 28 2013

– Victoria Police has rejected former detective Paul Dale’s plea to re-investigate the Hodson double murder without him as a suspect.
The force yesterday said it had already conducted a thorough investigation into the 2004 deaths of Terence and Christine Hodson.
Mr Dale has used his new book to challenge Victoria Police to ditch its pursuit of him over the murders.
He said Victoria Police should start the investigation again and concentrate on suspects other than him.
“After a year at the Lorimer Taskforce hunting the Silk-Miller murderers, Inspector Paul Sheridan announced that he wanted to start the investigation from scratch, to go back to day one,” Mr Dale said.
“Once we looked at the information with fresh eyes and a fresh approach, we arrested the two killers and got a righteous conviction.
“The original homicide investigation identified 150 suspects in the killing of Terence Hodson and his wife.
“In the months before he died, when everyone knew he was a police informer, crooks had come knocking at his door, looking for him.
“My question is, will anyone in Victoria Police have the guts to do what Sheridan did and go back to the beginning, starting with the question: ‘If Paul Dale didn’t do it, who did?’ Will anyone have the integrity to go back to the original list of 150 suspects and take another look?…
“The part of me that desperately wants to trust that the system we all rely on will eventually work hopes that the Chief Commissioner will admit the mistakes of the past and have all the evidence re-examined.
“But the cynical, tired part of me believes that they probably won’t take another look.
“That they’ll shut down the whole investigation while declaring on the front pages around the country that Paul Dale remains the only person of interest, so that I will forever be haunted by this.
“From my experience in Victoria Police,many knowing the politics and how it works, they would be just hoping it all goes away and no one talks about it again.”
Victoria Police spokesman Charlie Morton yesterday said the force would not be restarting the Hodson investigation from scratch.
“Victoria Police has conducted a thorough investigation into the deaths of Terence and Christine Hodson,” he said.
“The investigation remains open and ongoing, as does the coronial investigation.
“Anyone with new information is urged to contact police.” – Keith Moor


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