December 12 2009

– When Bryan Davies’s funeral cortege travels through Accrington next week, it will take a special route past the homes of two young girls who played
pivotal roles in his life… and death.
But those inside the homes will not be emerging for a tearful goodbye –
because it is claimed the youngsters’ lies drove Bryan to an early grave.
In August this year, the retired mechanic was falsely accused of being a
paedophile by two schoolgirls, aged ten and 11.
Police quickly cleared him of any wrongdoing – but rumours spread around the local area and he became a hate figure.
Bricks were hurled through the windows of the Lancashire home he shared with fiance Debbie, and the couple could not walk the streets without being
verbally abused.
With the stress building, Bryan, 63, suffered a stroke and developed a
kidney problem – but vowed to fight on and clear his name.
Sadly, prophetically, he said before his passing: “I won’t give in. It’ll
probably kill me but I won’t run away with my tail between my legs.”
But on Friday, December 4, he died suddenly from a heart attack, having been rushed to hospital with heart and kidney pains.
Now heartbroken fiance Debbie wants to see the girls – who cannot be named for legal reasons – punished for the “vile lies” which she believes led
directly to Bryan’s death.
And to make sure they realise the damage they have caused, she has arranged for the hearse carrying his coffin to go past their homes at a crawl when he is taken to be buried on Wednesday.
Debbie, 44, told The Sun: “As far as I am concerned those kids and their
families are responsible for killing Bryan. I hope they are proud of
“Their vile lies and abuse put Bryan in an early grave. He just couldn’t
cope with the stress.
“They made our lives hell. He was a lovely man who would have done anything for anyone.
“But their lies meant we became prisoners in our own home.
“That is why I’m arranging for the funeral cortege to be driven right past
the homes of those evil girls.
“I want them to see exactly what their actions have done.”
Disabled Bryan, who walked with a crutch, was branded a child molester
shortly after moving from Bolton to Accrington.
The girls immediately targeted the couple – who had no children of their
own – begging to take their border collie Blue for a walk.
Debbie – who has five children from a previous marriage – recalled: “It all
started when we moved in in June. These kids came over and asked us if we
wanted help moving stuff into the house and we said no.
“I think they wanted to see the kind of stuff we were moving in.
“We got rid of them that day but they soon started coming round and banging on the door.
“They wanted to take Blue for a walk. We said no at first but in the end we
relented. Everything was OK for a while and we thought maybe they were just being neighbourly.
“But not long after, we started having abuse thrown at us.
“In the end we called the police. They came because we rang them – but it
was then that they told us what these girls had been saying.
“It had got really bad. Once, Bryan said to them, ‘What are you doing this
for? We haven’t done anything.’ That’s when they shouted that he was a paedo and a pervert.
“CID came round in late August and we found out for the first time about the allegations they had made.
“They said that Bryan had flashed them, and that he had touched them.” Bryan voluntarily handed over his computer to police and gave a statement at Blackburn police station.
Cops launched an investigation – and it was not long before the girls
confessed to dreaming up a pack of lies.
“Bryan said he would do anything the police wanted – he had nothing to
hide,” Debbie continued.
“This went on for about two weeks, then one of the girls made another
statement saying that they had both been telling lies.”
At the time the couple were on holiday trying to help Bryan recover from his
“We didn’t find out till we got home and had a phone call stating that the
case was closed.”
But the damage was done and local rumours were spreading fast.
“We had bricks thrown through the window,” Debbie said.
“The back gates were kicked in, our trailer tent was damaged and our tyres
“I didn’t want to go out because I would just get people shouting things at
Detectives even delivered leaflets to neighbours stating that “the
allegations have been found to be false and without any foundation
Debbie said: “We knew the police had closed the case, but once all our
neighbours and everyone else heard these rumours it didn’t matter whether he was innocent or not.
“Bryan was angry. He couldn’t believe that the girls had said such things
about him and he wanted to clear his name.”
But police chiefs had decided not to charge the girls over the false claims
because of their ages.
Instead, the matter was passed on to social services.
In November the couple moved to another address in Accrington – but the
abuse continued.
Debbie said: “A label like that doesn’t just go away, even after we moved.”
Just weeks before his death, Bryan wrote to detectives demanding his abusers be prosecuted.
Now Debbie is continuing the battle in a bid to get justice for the man she
planned to marry in April.
Fighting back tears, she added: “Bryan was my soul-mate. He was such a
softy, the biggest softy.
“He lived life to the full. He loved his fishing and he was teaching me fly
fishing – although I wasn’t very good at it. I’ve been told the police won’t
be prosecuting the girls but that is not good enough.
“Bryan would still be here if all this had been stopped from the word go.
“I want those girls punished for what they did.”
Accrington police inspector David Mangan said: “Our neighbourhood policing teams have been working closely with Mr Davies and his wife-to-be throughout and every complaint has been taken very seriously.
“This is obviously a very sad time for Mr Davies’ family and we are
continuing to provide support for them.” – Dave Masters


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  1. How these little fucks weren’t charged is beyond me. Although, considering the system being what it is, I shouldn’t be surprised. Hang your head in shame, Mangan.

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