Saturday August 31 2013

– An armed robber who held up a Melbourne service station with a meat cleaver twice in two days will strike again, police fear.
The bandit entered the Glen Waverley service station about 11pm on Tuesday then again at 7pm Thursday, demanding cash and cigarettes.
Police believe he may be local because he fled on foot.
He was undeterred by customers filling their cars with petrol and a customer in the store.
“To go in there when there’s customers actually in the store, it’s a recipe for disaster,” Detective Senior Constable Evan Billinge said.
“It was obviously very terrifying for the console attendants, not to mention the customer trapped in the store.” Detective Senior Constable Billinge says police fear the man will strike again.
He is described as 180-190 centimetres, of medium build, possibly with a Southern European or Middle Eastern accent, wearing a light-coloured handkerchief over his face, dark pants, runners and a hoodie.
He wore a patterned top over the hoodie in one case.
– Herald Sun


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