Friday September 6 2013

– Caulfield Cup-wining jockey Danny Nikolic has been fined $1500 for assaulting a fellow rider and a police officer, with a magistrate rejecting his claims of self-defence.
Magistrate Anglea Bolger questioned the reliability of Nikolic’s evidence and found he punched the jockey and assaulted the detective as they stood toe-to-toe.
Nikolic, 38, was convicted and fined $1200 for recklessly causing injury to jockey Mark Pegus in January 2011.
He was also convicted of unlawfully assaulting Detective Senior Constable Julio Salerno after a police interview and fined $300.
“It’s about what I expected,” the former top jockey said as he left the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday.
Nikolic is serving a two-year ban from racing for threatening Victoria’s chief racing steward, but can return to trackwork from this week.
He must reapply for a licence to once again ride in competitive races, and it’s unclear how these convictions will affect that process.
– The Age


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re fucking joking me. $300 bucks for assaulting a copper? So dumbass Bolger finds he’s bullshitting, in addition to being found guilty, and he gets a $1500 fine all up? Holy mother of God. This is a bloke who’s threatened to kill the Victorian chief racing steward, allegedly rigged races, allegedly punched a woman, punched a fellow jockey and goes head-to-head with a respected detective. A good friend of mine, when at the age of 17, played “fisticuffs” while pissed on a Friday night. He entered a guilty plea and left with a 2-year suspended jail term. The system is well and truly fucked.

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