Thursday September 12 2013

– The DNA of the murderer of St Kilda sex worker Tracy Connelly was found at the crime scene, police say.
Detective Inspector John Potter, of the Homicide Squad, said the crucial evidence was found in a white Ford Econovan in Greeves Street, St Kilda, where Ms Connelly’s body was found on Sunday, 21st July.
There is no DNA match to anyone on the sex offender’s register. But police said “it was only a matter of time” before they caught the killer, believed to have been the victim’s client.
“We’ve got good evidence from the scene, from the van,” Detective Inspector Potter said.
“I’m confident we will make an arrest in this case.They (the killer) should do themselves a favour and give themselves up, because we will find them – there’s no question of that.”
Police have urged two people to come forward. CCTV cameras filmed a man at the corner of Vale and Greeves Streets just before 2am, and a dark XR6 ute in Greeves Street at 2:20am.
“They may have witnessed something…possibly seen Tracy with her killer,” Detective Inspector Potter said. “They are in no way being treated as suspects, and we are only interested in what they saw, not what they were doing there.”
Police believe Ms Connelly arrived back at her van at 2am and was killed before 2:30am.
“The smallest piece of information might help provide the answers we’ve been looking for,” Detective Inspector Potter said.
– Jon Kaila


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