Thursday September 12 2013

– Police are investigating if a mother murdered in her home was killed by someone “infatuated” with her.
Detective Inspector John Potter revealed the death of Kylie Blackwood, 42, in Pakenham, might have been by someone “known to Kylie, or somehow infatuated with her”.
But a burglary gone wrong could not be ruled out, he said.
Ms Blackwood, a mum of three, was found dead by her twin daughters when they returned home from school at 3:40pm on August 1st.
Detective Inspector Potter said response to the case had been “enormous” with more than 350 calls to Crime Stoppers.
“We’ve had quite a spike in calls to Crime Stoppers and those calls nominate potential suspects or persons who may be similar to the FACE image we released,” he said.
“We are working through all those carefully.
“At this point in time, we haven’t established a motive so we don’t know if it was a burglary gone wrong or whether the person either was somehow known to Kylie or somehow infatuated with her – we simply don’t know that. But we have to look at both options.”
He said police had interviewed several people of interest but at this stage had no suspects.
Detective Inspector Potter said he understood why the community was so affected.
“There’s a lot of interest and there’s lots of information coming in that we have to sift through,” he said.
“The worst part about it is that it’s a woman in her own home in a suburb that is in no particular way famous or notorious or anything like that.
“They see a particularly sad set of circumstances when two children come home from school and find their mum dead.”
He said husband Peter Blackwood, and their twin 11-year-old daughters and 13-year-old son were still traumatised.
A tradesman working in Mccaffery Rise, Pakenham, told police he saw a man in a striped hooded top looking into the Blackwood home shortly before noon.
It has been revealed the man returned 10 to 15 minutes later, when Ms Blackwood had come home from a shopping trip and left the garage door open. The tradesman had told police he saw the suspect “hurriedly” walking away about 20 minutes later.
– Jon Kaila


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