Saturday September 14 2013

– A nursing home group closed down for failing to meet basic care standards is under investigation.

The Health Department, which revoked regulatory approval for two homes in the Cambridge Aged Care Group, confirmed that it was in contact with law enforcement authorities.

“The department’s investigations have extended as far as conducting searches of premises under warrant with the assistance of the Australian Federal Police,” spokeswoman Kay McNiece said.

“The department will continue to work with the relevant law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

“The department’s investigation is continuing and matters relating to investigation cannot be disclosed.”

Any investigations would be based on the activities of people involved in the group as charges cannot be laid against an organisation.

Only one home, Woodhaven Lodge in Croydon, remains operating. The home was receiving $130,000 per month before the Health Department revoked its approval last month. It is understood that fewer than 20 residents remain at Woodhaven Lodge.

Rosewood Mews in Greensborough, which also had its funding and approval cut, closed in the past week.

Elder Rights Advocacy chief executive Mary Lyttle has been at residents’ meetings in recent weeks. She said she was concerned the group had failed. “It should never have happened in an aged care home in Australia,” she said.

Staff at Woodhaven Lodge declined to comment.

– Stephen Drill


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