May 22 2014

– Hills police have issued another warning to people and businesses to watch out for fake $50 bank notes.

The most recent warning follows the discovery that four fake $50 notes were used at three local licenced venues during busy trading times at the weekend.

Two were found at the Australian Brewery, Annangrove, one was used at Castle Hill RSL and another was at the Hillside Hotel.

Hills Crime Manager, Detective Inspector Gary Bailey urged anyone in possession of suspected counterfeit banknotes to contact police.

He said people should take time checking notes.

“Counterfeiting of currency worldwide by organised crime groups or individuals has the potential to undermine public confidence in the currency and impact heavily on governments, business and individuals alike.”


■ It is difficult to start a tear along an edge of a realbanknote.

■ Feel the print: On a genuine banknote, slightly raised printing (dark ink) called intaglio, is used for the main design elements, such as the portraits.

■ Look at the print: Genuine banknotes have multicoloured, fine line patterns appearing on each side of the banknote.

■ Hold the note up to the light: A genuine banknote has images that can only be seen when the banknote is held up to the light.

■ Magnifying glass: A genuine banknote has microprint that can usually only be read with the aid of a magnifying glass

■ The clear window: Genuine banknotes have a clear window — the area around the window is uniformly smooth to touch.

■ Ultra-violet light: On genuine banknotes, the serial numbers (located on the back of the banknote) fluoresce under ultraviolet light. In all banknotes other than the $10, there is also an area on the back of the banknote that fluoresces.

■ Fold the banknote. Federation $5 banknotes have a hidden ‘5’ below the small printed triangle, in the bottom right hand corner of the back of the banknote. The ‘5’ is revealed when that area of the banknote is viewed through the mauve coloured area of the clear window.

– Bev Jordan


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