April 26 2011

– Two bodies have been discovered dumped in a 15-foot pile of horse manure, it was today revealed.

The bodies of a man and another unidentified person were discovered on Easter morning at the horse farm in Gary, Indiana.

A man, who boards his horse at the stables nearby, spotted an arm sticking out of the steaming mound near the intersection of 22nd Place and Mississippi Street, officials said.

One body was partially wrapped in plastic, and an officer spotted a foot sticking out of a plastic bag in another part of the mound at the farm which boards around 15 to 20 horses.

Police then discovered the second body. Both were bloated, according to authorities, but it is not yet known how they died.

The manure pile is years worth of horse waste from the nearby stables, Gary police Detective Mike Barnes, said.

Authorities had to pick their way through it to ensure no other bodies were inside, Det Barnes said.

‘If somebody is missing, (family or friends) are more than welcome to call,’ Det Barnes said.

‘We don’t have the two people identified yet and we have no idea who they are at this point.’

An autopsy was due to be carried out on both bodies today, he added.


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