November 13 2014

– UPDATE, Saturday November 15:

AS FAMILY and friends continue to grapple for answers, a funeral service was held on Friday for the woman who was found deceased in a Murwillumbah lane last Thursday night in circumstances Police have labelled as suspicious.

Tributes have poured in for Lynette Maree Jones, a 52-year-old wife and mother of two, as she was farewelled at a funeral service yesterday at Sacred Heart Church, Murwillumbah.

Julie Murphy, who was the director of the Heritage Lodge aged care facility where she had worked since 2012 as an assistant in nursing, said Mrs Jones was a much-loved colleague who offered dignified and respectful care to many residents.

“We’re a small country town community and this has had a very deep impact on people,” Ms Murphy said.

“The staff are still coming to terms with the sad death of Lynette, because she was a much-loved carer and work colleague.

“She was just a no-fuss person who had the most beautiful way of caring for each person, she really made every individual feel special.

“Her death is tragic and our heart goes out to her family, whom she spoke of frequently with great pride.”

Dr Joan Gibbons, of Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic, said she knew Mrs Jones and her husband Warren and their two children, Sebastian and Riley, for around 20 years.

During that time she said the family were known to be an active part of the community.

They operated a family day care centre for many years and were part of the Murwillumbah Football Club (MFC).

“Lyn’s dry wit and expressiveness leaves us with many great memories of her,” Mrs Gibbons said.

“She nurtured and cared for our children when they were young and recognized their personalities and potential very early on.

“We will miss our dear friend.”

The MFC paid tribute to the Jones family in a statement on social media. “Most of you will know that Warren has been very involved with the running of MFC, having filled many senior roles over the years and sacrificing countless hours to provide football to Murwillumbah,” the statement read.

“It is families like these that MFC cannot survive without. Once again we offer our sincerest condolences to the Jones family.”

The results of an autopsy carried out on Mrs Jones last weekend are not yet known.

This week police renewed calls for witnesses who saw Mrs Jones near the Imperial Hotel on Main St an hour before her death, to come forward.

“We’re looking for witnesses who know the route she may have taken from the hotel,” Detective Sergeant Laurie Moroney said.

UPDATE, Thursday 3.15pm:

The funeral of Lynette Jones will be held at 2pm Friday, November 14 at the Sacred Heart Church, Murwillumbah.

It comes as family and friends continue to search for answers over the 52-year-olds death.

She was the wife of Warren and the mother of two children.

UPDATE, Monday 4.10pm:

The director of the aged care facility where Lynette Jones worked as an assistant in nursing up until her sudden death on Thursday, has expressed sadness at the loss of a well-respected staff member from Heritage Lodge Murwillumbah.

Sally McKenzie of McKenzie Aged Care Group, said the company expressed their “deepest sympathies to the family of Lynette Jones who passed away last week.”

“We are shocked and saddened to lose our friend and colleague.

“Lynette was a respected member of the McKenzie Aged Care Group family.

“She was a kind and gentle soul who has provided attentive, loving care to residents at Heritage Lodge for over two years and will be sorely missed.”

Counselling is available to all Heritage Lodge staff.

UPDATED, Monday 11am:

Police have released the name of a woman found dead in a Murwillumbah lane on Thursday night.

She was Lynette Jones.

She worked as an assistant in nursing at a local aged care home.

Police have denied media and witness reports claiming Mrs Jones had died while the police took too long to attend the scene.

Tweed Byron LAC Inspector Gary Cowan said police attended “as soon as they possibly could”.

“If you get a report of a body it is a priority job and we get there as soon as possible.

“When that job came over the radio, the person was reporting on the Eagle phone, which is the phone out front of the Murwillumbah Police Station.

“They said the body was located at the back of the police station.

“The police officers went to look for the body in the back alley, but it was located way up at the other end of the street.

“If there was delay in finding the body it was because of the information we were supplied with.”

The results of a post-mortem undertaken on Saturday are not yet known.

Police have renewed calls for any witnesses who saw the woman near the Imperial Hotel on Main St an hour before her death to come forward.

“In particular, we’re looking for witnesses who know the route she may have taken from the hotel,” Tweed Byron LAC Detective Sergeant Laurie Moroney said.

Church lane Murwillumbah. Photo: John Gass / Tweed Daily News
Church lane Murwillumbah. Photo: John Gass / Tweed Daily News
John Gass
UPDATED Friday, 5.00pm:

Police have established a strike force as they continue investigations into the death of a 52-year-old woman in Murwillumbah on Thursday evening.

Strike Force Nincoola, comprising detectives from Tweed Byron Local Area Command with assistance of the State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad, was formed to investigate the woman’s death.

A post mortem examination is set to be conducted on Saturday at Newcastle in an attempt to determine the cause of her death.

Detectives are attempting to piece together the circumstances leading up to the woman’s death and are keen to speak to anyone who was near the vicinity of the Imperial Hotel on Main Street, Murwillumbah about 8pm.

They are particularly keen to hear from anyone who may have seen the woman who is described as being about 163cm tall with a medium build, short sandy blond hair and wearing dark clothing and glasses.

Church lane residents Belinda Watson and Jenny Alcorn. Photo: John Gass / Tweed Daily News
Church lane residents Belinda Watson and Jenny Alcorn. Photo: John Gass / Tweed Daily News
John Gass
UPDATED Friday, 9:30am: MURWILLUMBAH residents are distraught following the mysterious death of a 52-year-old woman in a gutter on Church Lane during heavy rain last night.

Belinda Watson, 55, was saddened as she spoke to the Tweed Daily News this morning, before rushing to check on an old neighbour who lives on the street where the incident occurred.

“Last night I received all these text message from friends who thought it was me,” she said.

“This morning they said ‘thank god you’re alright’ and now I’m going to see if my old neighbour is ok.”

It was an emotional reunion for Ms Watson and her good friend Jenny Alcorn, 61, who was unharmed.

“I see people of a night time here when I come home and there’s young kids jumping all over the place… it’s just really bad,” Ms Watson said.

Darren Gyorik, 36, of Murwillumbah, said he was mourning not only the sudden loss of a neighbour, but of an entire community.

“Years ago, you used to come to Murwillumbah and it was the beautiful country place. And now, it’s not like that anymore,” he said.

Jason Smith said his friend witnessed the incident.

“My mate was driving here late last night and he discovered her face down in the gutter,” Mr Smith said.

“He reported it to the police, and my mate said that she was alive, when he found her.

“The police took a while to come and because it was raining… she was dead.

“We have no idea [what caused her death].”

Tweed Byron LAC officers said they are still investigating the circumstances which led to the death.

CCTV footage was being checked today and forensic testing was carried out on the street last night.

INITIAL REPORT Friday, 8:00am:

A CRIME scene has been established in Murwillumbah after a woman was found deceased in what police have described as suspicious circumstances.

Just after 9pm Thursday, Tweed-Byron LAC officers were called to Church Ln, Murwillumbah, responding to reports of an injured woman.

When they arrived, police found a 52-year-old woman deceased.

Investigations into the circumstances leading up to the woman’s death are underway.

Her cause of death is not yet known, and a post mortem is expected to determine this.

Anyone with information about the woman’s death should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

– Alina Rylko


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