November 6 2014

– TWO men from Epping have been arrested and charged, and one kilogram of methylamphetamine, four pistols, and more than $40,000 has been seized as part of an investigation into a drug supply syndicate.

Detectives from the Organised Crime Squad made the arrests. Earlier this year, the squad formed Strike Force Doven to target the drug supply activities of a syndicate operating primarily out of Sydney’s south.

Police stopped and searched a car on the Princes Highway in Albion Park at about 1.30pm on Tuesday afternoon.

Police found the one kilogram of methylamphetamine in a sports bag in the boot of the car. The two men in the car were a 33-year-old man and a 37-year-old man, both from Epping.

They were arrested and taken to Wollongong police station.

Detectives executed search warrants at four properties in Hurstville, two in Epping and one in West Ryde, as well as two cars.

As a result of the warrants, detectives located and seized four pistols, more than $40,000 in cash, money counters, chemistry equipment, numerous items believed to have been used in the supply of illicit drugs, mobile phones, laptops and documentation.

The two men were refused bail and appear in Port Kembla Local Court yesterday and were again refused bail. They will appear again in Port Kembla Local Court on December 17.

Commander of the Organised Crime Squad, Detective Superintendent Scott Cook, said preventing illicit drugs from reaching NSW streets remained one of his team’s primary priorities.

“The offence of supplying a large commercial quantity of drugs in NSW carries a penalty up to life imprisonment,” Detective Superintendent Cook said.

“Every time we seize illicit drugs we’re not only hitting the pockets of organised criminals, we’re preventing the poison they peddle from reaching the wider community.”


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