December 4 2014

– Pawtucket police are turning to social media in hopes of solving a decades-old cold case.

Police have created a Facebook page dedicated to Wendy Madden.

Madden’s body was discovered behind the former Jan’s Place in Pawtucket on March 13, 1991. The 23-year-old was an occasional patron at the bar, which has since been torn down.

Madden was last seen in the area of Cross Street and Railroad Street on the Pawtucket/Central Falls line late that night. She was wearing a short black leather jacket, a black shirt, blue jeans, and cream-colored leather boots.

Pawtucket Detective Sue Cormier joined the force two years after Madden’s death. The case stayed on her mind, and in 2013 she reopened the file. With the help of Facebook, Cormier has discovered friends of Madden that had yet to be interviewed in the case.

“You can reach so many people in a short amount of time,” she said. “Like the branches of a tree, it just continues.”

A lot has changed since the night Madden was strangled to death – her parents have passed, witnesses have died – but Cormier refuses to give up.

“All detectives like to have closure to each case and have justice for the family and the victim,” Cormier added. “You want to solve the case. You don’t want to be defeated.”

If you have any information about this cold case, contact Det. Cormier at (401) 727-9100 ext 756.

– Rochelle Lefebvre


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