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One of America’s First Recorded Serial Killers

H. H. Holmes was a predator who viewed others as a means to his ends. His personality structure resembles that of a true psychopath: a remorseless and narcissistic person who controls others and lies repeatedly, all of this while being … Continue reading

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6 Black Churches Burnt Down In St. Louis Area Are Linked

Authorities are yet to determine whether the arson attacks are racially or religiously motivated. Read the story here.

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Support For The Legalisation Of Marijuana Is On The Rise

Support for the decriminalisation of marijuana is at its highest since Gallup began polling on marijuana in 1969. Read the story here.

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Body of WWII bomber found after 66 years

Six years ago, in 2009 the wreckage of a Stirling bomber was discovered off the Dutch coast. Inside were the bodies of the six missing crewmen. 66 years later, one family finally finds out what happened to their loved one who never … Continue reading

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Mandurah murder investigation: suspect to walk free after case dismissed

The charge against a Dudley Park man in relation to a death on Boundary Road earlier this year was dismissed in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Dean Jorg Kowitz was charged with assault causing bodily harm following the sudden death … Continue reading

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